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Thursday, 31 July 2014 07:54

11 Free Things to Do in Athens

Are you interested in visit Athens on a budget? If so, you’ll really enjoy this list of the Best Free Things to Do in Athens!

Studying abroad in Greece and living mere blocks from the Acropolis lent me the unique opportunity to know ancient Athens on an intimate level. On a student’s budget, I dedicated my free time to uncovering the secrets of the city, and unearthed some amazing experiences along the way.
Monastiraki Flea Market

Handcrafted goods, fresh fruits and stacks of soccer jerseys and jewelry dominate the stalls of Monastiraki’s bustling flea market. Literally meaning “little monastery” Monastiraki is named for the Pantánassa church monastery located in the center of the neighborhood’s square. Here more than bargain goods are to be found; Monastiraki is also home to the ancient ruins of the Roman Agora and Hadrian’s library.
Mars Hill

Mars Hill, known as Areopagus by the Greeks, has been the site of many speeches, trials and meetings over history. St. Paul the Apsotle preached here, and The Council of Nobles and the Judicial Court met on this hill. After thousands of years of weather damage and earthquakes,

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The Acropolis Museum will celebrate the August Full Moon on Sunday 10 August 2014 with opera classics, film music and famous Greek melodies, performed by the historic Hellenic Air Force Band.

On the occasion of the August Full Moon, the museum will remain open from 8am to 12 midnight (free entry for all visitors from 9am onwards), giving visitors the opportunity to stroll through the galleries and enjoy the view of the Acropolis under the moonlight.

The Hellenic Air Force Band will perform at 9:30 pm in the museum’s entrance courtyard.

The band consists of senior and junior officials- high-level musicians who studied at various conservatories in Greece and were admitted into the ranks of the Air Force after passing certain examination. The Hellenic Air Force Band also participates in worldwide musical ceremonies and leads the 5th Avenue parade in New York City dedicated to the 25 March celebrations of the Greek expatriates.

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Environment Ministry and City Hall working together to find a way to either salvage or demolish some 1,200 abandoned structuresDot Clear


Attikon Dot ClearDot Clear


The Environment Ministry and the City of Athens have launched an initiative aimed at restoring emblematic buildings in the Greek capital that have fallen into a state of disrepair by working with their owners to ascertain whether there is the will to salvage them or they should just be demolished. The cornerstone of the plan is for the state to cover the cost of reconstruction if the owner agrees to hand over the property for a certain number years. This model had been applied in the past with historical properties being ceded to the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) for commercial use, an initiative that helped save examples of traditional architecture in many parts of the country. 

On Tuesday Environment Minister Yiannis Maniatis met with Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis and Vivi Batsou, the head of the Organization of Athens, a service that is slated for closure. The subject of the meeting was buildings that have fallen into a state of ruin in central Athens, a burgeoning problem considering that they now number at least 1,200.

“Abandoned buildings create a string of sanitation and safety problems. The problem is quite acute in the Municipality of Athens, especially in parts of the center,” Maniatis told Kathimerini. “Together with the municipality and the Organization of Athens we are studying an entirely new approach to the problem and hope to have some solid proposals by September.”

The first problem that they have found, said Maniatis, lies in the legislation. 

Odeio“We plan to ascertain the exact ownership status and then find ways of coming up with the funds needed,” he explained. “Our aim is to create a new framework that will be applicable not just to Athens but Greece as a whole.” 
According to Batsou, there are currently 1,200 buildings in the Municipality of Athens that have been listed as abandoned, a third of which are listed for preservation.

“We aim to create a process by which we can locate all the owners and make them an offer,” she said. “For example, if a building is in very bad shape we can offer incentives for demolition. Likewise, if restoration is possible, we can offer incentives to that end as well.”

What happens, however, in the very likely case that the proprietors are not interested in getting involved in costly and lengthy restorations?

“We will give them a grace period and if they fail to take steps within that time, then the municipality will move in and undertake the cost of restoration on the condition that it is allowed to use the building for a certain period of time before handing it back to the owner,” explained Batsou. “The funds may come from the Green Fund or from the new National Strategic

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Thursday, 10 July 2014 13:13

Maria Callas Museum to Open in 2015

Plans for the Maria Callas Museum were presented on April 2, at a press conference in the building which will host the museum in downtown Athens.

The museum will be located in a neoclassical 4-storey building at 44 Mitropoleos Street. According to Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis, the creation of the museum will cost 1 million euros and will open its doors in 2015.

The museologists Andromachi Gazi and Erato Koutsoudaki-Gerolympou said that they are focusing on giving a theater sense in each room, with stage sets and subdued lighting, and a background of Callas’ voice through her speeches and interviews which will accompany the visitors during their tour. “Our goal is to let the visitors plunge into the voice and the performance of Callas,” the museologists stressed.

During the tour, visitors will also be able to learn about the life of the great Greek artist and the historical context of her era by audiovisual documents from her performances or interviews, photographs, several exhibits and interactive applications which will help them reveal the complex life and personality of Callas. The majority of the exhibits belong to the collection of “Technopolis” but the museum will also

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